Skype Counselling

Skype Counselling

Advantages of Skye Counselling

Thanks to technology the option of Skype counselling is becoming a popular option due to certain constraining factors that can potential impact person-to-person therapy such as location, time, duration and cost. It  allows for this form of counseling to be more accessible for a number of people who would be unable to otherwise attend traditional face-to-face counselling.  Skype counselling also provides a certain degree of anonymity that is comforting to some callers, reducing the intimidation that some people may feel at the prospect of in-person counselling.

Instinctive Minds offers Skype and telephone individual counselling services.

How It Works

It is as simple as booking a time that is convenient both parties.

What happens in a Skype Counselling Session

  • Confidential telephone
  • Listen to your situation
  • Provide immediate support
  • Assist to clarify options and choices available to you
  • Help you to work through your options

Disadvantages over in-person therapy

Being physically present with your counsellor may help you feel more connected with him or her; the telephone may contribute to “distance” in the therapeutic relationship. Some people feel safer letting themselves become emotional in the physical presence of another person.

Because the client often calls from a location that is part of their day-to-day life, calls often center around, or can be potential  interrupted by, situational pressures that the person is currently immersed in. This can have both positive and negative effects on the counselling provided; by allowing the counselor some insight into the person’s situation, the counselor can be more objective. Conversely, the disruptions and pressures of situational factors may make it difficult for the client to adopt a reflective state or maintain full focus on the counseling session.

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