What is Counselling?

Counselling is a safe and protected environment for you to feel safe, comfortable and supported while seeking guidance with your concerns, problems, worries and fears. Counselling covers many issues besides emotional difficulties and can be used to address confidence concerns, behaviour patterns and any other experience that is causing you personal distress or worry. Jodie’s philosophy is to support you unconditionally in a caring and efficient way, empowering you to gain insight, understanding and acceptance of yourself and your concerns. We work together in a collaborative environment creating active steps to help you overcome any thoughts, emotions, feelings and assumptions that are influencing your life with negative consequences. Counselling is your time for you to be heard and  accepted for who you are, so you can decide the direction you want your life to take.

Counselling addresses concerns across many lifestyle and life stage events and circumstances.

Common reasons why people seek  counselling but not limited to.

  • Relationship difficulties, romantic, professional, family e.g. frequent fights, extramarital affairs, sexual worries, loss of intimacy.
  • Relationship breakups
  • Anxiety, stress or depression.
  • Family tension and disconnection
  • Illness, grief and loss.
  • Life transition and adjustment issues.
  • Personal growth and understanding.
  • Addictive behaviours.
  • Separation or divorce issues.
  • Loneliness.
  • Adjustment to new life circumstances
  • Violence and abuse in the relationship.
  • Workplace problems, bullying, dissatisfaction, retrenchment or retirement.

Different Types of Counselling
Some people may just wish to have an independent person outside of their life to talk to about their problems, to feel listened to, heard and acknowledged, this approach normally use’s a person-centered methodology.

Others seek to come to counselling to gain new techniques and tools to help them over-come their problems. They find that their continued behavior seems to be having consequences on their life that are taking a toll. Mental, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, health and other life area’s may be suffering. That underneath their veneer there is an increasing in tension. There are many beneficial therapies such as CBT, Gestalt, Solution-Focused, Narrative, Behavioral and more that can be implemented to help you achieve your desired outcome.

For more information on the different types of approaches please click here or visit – different types of approaches under the counselling tab.

Pressure Building

 Instinctive Minds will help you

• Reduce emotional pain
• Reduce stress
• Increase self-assurance, self-confidence, self-esteem
• Manage feelings such as guilt and shame
• Respond and react to people in a more beneficial way
• Feel more at peace, comfortable and secure in your own skin
• Identifying goals to support the life you want
• Understand your own thoughts, feelings, and responses better
• Greater self-fulfillment and awareness
• Change negative, depressive thoughts and perspective’s to more positive, empowering ones.

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