New Study Shows How Stress Feeds Cancer Cells

Article from David DiSalvo, for Forbes magazine.

For years we’ve heard that there’s a connection between stress and cancer. The claim is anecdotal, but has a certain horse sense that appeals to reason — stress is hard on the body, causing hormonal reactions that can potentially influence the development of cancerous cells.

New research doesn’t quite prove the claim, but does indicate that once cancer has taken hold, stress biochemically feeds its growth.  The study, by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, focused on the effects of stress on prostate cancer, and found that stress can both reduce the effectiveness of prostate cancer drugs and accelerate the development of the cancer.




  • Emotions are the result of feelings and you are completely unaware as to how you generate them.
  • Your emotions can be triggered by feelings, words, pictures and sound that are either real or imagined.
  • Our emotions are part of us but they are not us – We each have the ability to alter our emotion state.
  • What if you had the ability to change your emotional state?
  • What if you could learn how to manage feelings of shame, guilt etc


Have you ever thought about your thoughts?  

Huh? Got you thinking?

  • Do you know thoughts can be distorted. Distorted thoughts are not the truth
  • Do you know that YOU create and control your thoughts; yes that’s right YOU. You have the ability to control your thoughts, your thoughts don’t control you.
  • Have you ever thought about your thoughts?
  • Why do you produce that style of thought?
  • How far do you go with that thought?
  • To change your life you need to change your thoughts.
  • We teach you to manage your thoughts rather than simply reacting to your thoughts.


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