Respect – We respect you and your right to individuality. We also believe in respect for yourself, the process and the environment. Respect for each other, the process and what each persons both bring’s into the process.

Trust – We believe in the importance of establishing trust between both parties. We also believe and encourage you to trust yourself and your ability as well as trust in the collaborative relationship and trust in your facilitator.

Integrity – To be present in who we are and what we represent, adhering to our moral and ethical principles.

Congruence – Instinctive Minds are congruent in our actions and words.

Confidentiality – We are committed to maintaining confidentiality.

Responsibility – We believe every person is responsible for their own life. Choices, behavior’s, decisions and thoughts belong to you.

Commitment – We are 100% commitment to you and the process.

Gratitude – Gratitude is the key. Be grateful for who you are, where you are going and the journey along the way.

Growth – Education is the key to continued growth, awareness, insight and expansion of our minds and who we are.

Transparency – To be open and honest in our undertakings as a business.