Life not all it could be?

Life not all it could be?


Are you looking for new ways to feel more calm, energized, and in control of your life? Or are you in need of a change? Perhaps you are struggling to deal with an issue on your own or having difficulty in balancing all of life’s responsibilities and expectations?

By gaining more choices about how to feel and think and what to be aware of, you gain more control over how to act and respond in situations that are uncomfortable or painful.

Would you like someone to show you new tools and techniques to assist in your everyday life and self-development. To listen and provide support and strategies for new ways to operate more efficiently.

Instinctive Minds is a Melbourne based business with locations in Armadale, Moorabbin and Elwood. We provide confidential support and assistance to individuals who are looking for independent support outside of their current network. Jodie from Instinctive Minds assists you to overcome any concerns, problems, grievances (either past or present) and to grow as an individual.  Using a holistic and balanced approach Jodie will listen to your needs attentively, tailoring the most appropriate tools, techniques and strategies to suit your individual needs. Jodie understands that your concerns may come attached with intimate emotions such as guilt, shame, sorrow and regrets and will provide you with a safe, non-judgmental, trusted, confidential environment to express your concerns, problems and emotions.

Dedicated to assisting people in their everyday life, and future endeavors and challenges, Jodie understands today’s hectic lifestyle can take its toll, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Instinctive Minds will help you 

  • Manage stress more efficiently
  • Reduce stress & emotional pain
  • Increase self-assurance, self-confidence, self-esteem
  • Respond to people in a more beneficial way
  • Identifying goals to support the life you want
  • Greater self-fulfillment and awareness
  • Achieve insight into your concerns
  • Expand your self-development and personal growth
  • Understand your own thoughts, feelings, and responses
  • Feel more at peace, comfortable and secure in your own skin
  • Implement new tools, techniques and strategies for overcoming problems
  • Change negative thoughts and perspective’s to more positive, empowering ones.

We understand you may have additional questions or would like to meet personally with Jodie, therefore we offer a complimentary initial 15 minute consultation. We encourage you to take advantage of your complimentary session to assist you in gaining a greater understanding of how we will be of help to you. For more information please checkout our ABOUT tab or click here to contact us.

The amount of sessions you have is completely up to you and the services you enlist to use. At the completion of your time you will have a sense of calmness, with a clearer understanding of  your circumstances and who you are and where to focus your future endeavours.